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Strategic Plan

WACTE Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Goals/Action Plans Adopted April 26, 2018

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is to provide leadership on issues related to professional education, with primary focus on teacher education.  This Mission is pursued through activities which: a) promote effective public policy regarding professional education, b) enhance and improve professional education programs at member institutions, c) enhance the professional effectiveness of members, and d) promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the professional education community.

(Mission Statement Revised and Adopted: WACTE Meeting January 26, 2018)

To provide communication within the organization, across the institutions and in the political arena; to increase political engagement and resources to promote and advocate our mission and goals; and to develop a shared narrative to reflect our mission and goals. To provide opportunity for collaboration, partnerships, and leadership among varied roles, responsibilities and programs to share, problem solve, and inform practice in order to improve program access and excellence across diverse Washington communities. To provide a learning community for informed decision making; to promote equitable resource support for all institutions; and to serve as a resource to inform policy, practice, and professional effectiveness of members, including the importance of diversifying the teacher work force.
Indicators that goal has been met (April 2023) Indicators that goal has been met (April 2023) Indicators that goal has been met (April 2023)

1. A coherent plan has been implemented for collaboration with diverse mission critical stakeholders to foster our mission and goals and articulate and promote the work of WACTE members.

2. The content/organization and assessment of programs’ impact on candidates and professional education has been clarified, and that information has been shared with key policy makers to help insure that their decisions are congruent with WACTE’s goals.

3. WACTE is seen as a positive and inclusive force in the legislature and other policy domains, and our work has positively impacted education in Washington state.

4. Elected officials and key stakeholders will have greater awareness of barriers for diverse candidates and will be actively working toward developing strategies for identifying and dismantling barriers for minoritized teacher candidates.

1. Opportunities are widely available for learning across programs to increase mutual understanding and collaboration among member organizations.

2. Opportunities are in place for learning across programs (including efforts and issues related to equity and inclusion) to allow program advising of candidates for “best fit” program.

3. WACTE programs that partner with the same districts are communicating and supporting one another to support both our candidates’ and their districts’ needs.

4. “Common experiences” and “problems of practice” are shared at every meeting.

5. Member organizations are actively collaborating on identifying and dismantling barriers for diverse candidates.

1. WACTE is a learning community for our members.  Meetings include meaningful discussion of issues presented by stakeholder groups within our organization.

2. A research driven agenda identifying supports needed by teacher candidates including challenges and opportunities around equity, diversity and inclusion has been developed and disseminated statewide.

3. WACTE has provided a resource directory that is up to date and easy to access about what various teacher preparation programs offer and whom they serve.

Short Term Action Items (October 2018) Short Term Action Items (October 2018) Short Term Action Items (October 2018)

1. Build a strong and productive relationship with Professional Education Standards Board Executive Director, staff, board members.

2. Follow-up on Day on the Hill progress, continue to “Storm the Hill.”

3. Create and maintain a shared narrative of our goals.

4. Create a “White Paper” exploring issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in the professional education community.

5. Explore adding standing members from job-alike groups to the WACTE Executive Board.

1. Design a common template to help us better understand each program and the different “roles” in each program.

2. Define and create a committee to plan for “common” experiences discussions at meetings.

3. Develop a system whereby individuals and/programs can propose “problems of practice” to bring to meetings.

4. Include an agenda item in each WACTE membership meeting geared toward sharing research and/or effective action(s) around issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

1. Develop agenda items that include stakeholder presentations of key issues that include meaningful discussions and analysis.

2. Develop agendas in which programs are scheduled to discuss specific programs they offer that will be of interest to the larger group or to sub-groups within WACTE.

Mid Term Action Items (April 2020) Mid Term Action Items (April 2020) Mid Term Action Items (April 2020)

1. Implement a strong, coherent public relations campaign about WACTE and our member organizations that highlights our successes and innovations and investigate contracting with a firm to help us create and disseminate the information effectively.

2. Collectively collaborate & communicate with local, state, regional and national partners and stakeholders.

1. Design and develop documents/resources that explain each program.

2. Implement a system to address long-term problems of practice, including issues of equity diversity and inclusion within the professional education community

3. Develop an overall process and protections for sharing resources.

1. Develop agenda items that include research on cutting edge issues facing the profession and our pre-service education programs

2. Develop agenda items that include research on needs of 1st generation, economically disadvantaged, linguistically diverse and/or students of color to become successful teacher candidates and new teachers to the profession.