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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is to provide leadership on issues related to professional education, with primary focus on teacher education.  This purpose is pursued through activities which: a) promote effective public policy regarding professional education, b) enhance and improve professional education programs at member institutions, and c) enhance the professional effectiveness of members.

Strategic Goals: 

   1.  To improve learning for all students in the State of Washington by promoting high quality professional education programs.

   2. To advocate for a reasonable and integrated assessment system of P-12 students, candidates, and professional education programs which provides relevant and useful information about the P-12 student, candidate, and program performance for continuous program renewal.

   3. To increase the diversity of professional education candidates and faculty and prepare all candidates to support the learning and well-being of all students.

   4. To supply and sustain highly qualified educators, especially in high-need areas.

   5. To develop professional education programs that are responsive to the world’s changing possibilities and challenges.

   6. To work collaboratively with policymakers and constituents to influence education policy.

   7. To advocate for improved compensation and working conditions for teachers in the State of Washington.