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Fees/Dues Policy

Executive Board Effective January 2020

WACTE Conference Attendees and Conference Fees

  1. Conference attendees from member organizations pay regular fees (includes all groups/sessions Tuesday through Thursday of each conference)
  2. Role alike groups: all attendees pay regular fees (member or non-member)
  3. Invited presenters are exempt from paying any fees
  4. Non-member guests pay the regular fee (i.e. ICW, COP, WSAC, community college reps, etc.)
  5. Current Fees:
    1. Virtual Conferences: $25 per person (for all days, no prorated fee per day)
    2. Physical Conferences: $99 per day or $159 for 2-3 days

WACTE Affiliate Membership and Annual Dues:

  1. Non-voting
  2. New applications - if the IHE/organization meets criteria for full Regular Membership, Affiliate Membership is not an option
  3. A 3 year average of #completing candidates will be used to determine productivity for use in the annual dues scale. Affiliate Membership will be 50% of Regular Membership rate.

WACTE Regular Membership and Annual Dues:

  1. Voting
  2. Dues schedule/scale provides consistent set ranges e.g. 0-29 candidates; 30-59 candidates
  3. A 3 year average of #completing candidates will be used to determine productivity for use in the annual dues scale.


  1. AACTE membership policies and procedures followed for regular and affiliate membership;
  2. WACTE encourages regular and affiliate members to join/maintain membership in AACTE;
  3. Annual Dues Scale provides consistency and structure for annual membership;
  4. Conference fees recognize value of WACTE providing venue, refreshments/lunches/social, networking, updates, collegiality/cooperation between/among member organizations and outside stakeholders.

Contact Joyce Westgard at for information on submitting dues.

WACTE Revised Annual Fee Scale*
#Candidates Completed/3 year average Full Membership Annual Fee* Affiliate Membership Annual Fee*
0-29 $1,250 $625
30-59 $1,500 $750
60-89 $1,750 $875
90-119 $2,000 $1,000
120-149 $2,250 $1,125
150-179 $2,500 $1,250
180-209 $2,750 $1,375
210-239 $3,000 $1,500
240-269 $3,250 $1,625
270-299 $3,500 $1,750
300+ $3,750 $1,875

Dues for payments made by credit card: A service fee of 4% will be charged for payment by credit card. Example: $1250 fee plus 4% ($50) = $1300.